How to Activate Pluto TV in Roku [Easiest Method]

Television is one of the best invention to provide entertainment. We can sit for hours, next to our Televisions to watch our favorite shows and movies. But back in 90s, Things were little odd. Instead of Colorful TVs, We used to have a black and white Television. But now things are Changed. Old Black and White Television are replaced with new LED, LCD with Ultra 4K Resolution. With the rapid growth in internet usage, Television is replaced with Netflix and Prime Video which provides content online on your Mobile, Laptop and PC devices. The Trend is growing continuously.

How to Setup Roku with your Smart TV

Roku TV is basically a Streaming player and a part of digital media player set-top boxes. Roku has ability to stream content from Internet on your Smart TV. With this great device, you can actually watch live TV with an antenna, and access connected devices like a cable set-top box or game console. The Roku box runs a heavily modified version of Linux called Roku OS. In October 2017, the Roku software version 8.0 was released.

Pluto TV

Setting up Roku with your Smart TV is not a rocket science and you can easily setup your Smart TV to Roku. Follow the easy steps below to setup Roku with your device.

Requirements to setup Roku: To setup Roku with your Smart TV, you need a Wireless Network and a Roku Account.


  1. The Roku Remote comes with a pair of batteries, Insert the batteries in the remote control.
  2. You need to Turn on the TV, Press the power button of  Roku TV Remote.
  3. Once the power is on, You’ll need to select a language that you understand.
  4. Select the country where you live.
  5. Connect your Roku TV to the internet.
  6. Download the latest Roku OS from th internet and then reboot the device.
  7. Now create an account on Roku TV and activate it.

Activate Pluto TV in Roku

Activate Pluto TV in Roku

Activate Pluto TV in Roku

For activating Pluto TV on Roku, You need to follow simple steps.

  • Turn on your Roku Device, Head over to Pluto TV.
  • Click on 000 Channel.
  • Get the activation code and go to and paste the activation code.

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